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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I get a price quote for my project?
A: We custom quote every job, both large and small. Please call or email our Sales Manager, Charlie Gaylord, to get a quote for your next project. Charlie can be reached at (207) 294-1575 or In general, our prices compare favorably with the large national companies and often, with our many extras figured in, we cost even less!

Q: What are your typical turnaround times?
A: For duplication jobs (less than 300 units), turnaround times average about 5-10 working days. For replication jobs (300+ units) it’s best to allow 15 working days. Having said that, we can often complete a job quicker than that and we can usually guarantee rush turnaround with a modest surcharge. Please contact Charlie Gaylord at (207) 294-1575 or for details.

Q: How should I prepare my audio master?
A: Please be sure your master sounds exactly the way you want it to before giving it to us, because we are going to replicate it exactly the way we receive it. We recommend listening to the whole master from start to finish in one sitting on a good home audio system (not a laptop or car stereo). When you’re giving your master that final listen, make sure you compare the song sequence to the song sequence on the graphics and check the spacing between tracks and check the start IDs. If your master isn’t exactly how you want it, you should go back and make the necessary corrections.

Q: How should I prepare my graphics files?
A: Graphics need to be “print ready” when we receive them. We accept files created in the big three Adobe programs – InDesign, Illustrator, and/or Photoshop – as well as TIFFs, JPEGS, and PDF files. When creating your layout, please use one of our templates. We have templates for every configuration available for download here. We highly recommend using a professional designer to create your layout. If a designer is not available to you, Crooked Cove can assist you with any part of the process, be it creating a design from scratch or putting your ideas together. We will provide a half hour of pre-flighting free of charge to make sure your files print correctly. Any time beyond that we will charge $75/hr for design or file prep. Please call us with questions to find out how we can be of service.

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