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Welcome to Crooked Cove

Welcome to Crooked Cove, a New England musician’s best resource. We specialize in CD and DVD replication, in both long and short runs. Additionally, we have in-house graphic design, audio mastering, video authoring services, and a wealth of experience with the local market.

For short runs (less than 300 units), we manufacture everything in our production facility in lovely Eliot, Maine. We offer fast turnaround and free delivery on short runs within 50 miles. For long runs, we broker our jobs to some of the world’s premiere CD manufacturing facilities. Though we are familiar with all these manufacturers, we are not committed to any single factory and we frequently have active projects at as many as five different plants. Consequently, we match your project to find the most fitting services at the lowest price. At Crooked Cove you have the benefit of three extra sets of experienced eyes and ears, you will not have to pay a penny more than if you went direct, and often we ultimately even cost less.

Crooked Cove has overseen and coordinated over 7000 replication projects dating back to vinyl, circa 1979. We have the experience and expertise to truly ease the often overwhelming process of making musical ambitions into a tangible product. Call us for a quote and we’ll help find the right solution for your CD or DVD project- we are excited about every opportunity to help artists achieve the best possible album!

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